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We are The Cinema Society

Everyone loves the cinema… What’s the next movie you are desperate to go and see?

The beauty of using cinema as a benefit or reward tool is that it’s always a good time to receive a cinema ticket because the world of cinema delivers a variety of different experiences every time you visit. By accessing that world for your employees, members or customers with discounted or even free cinema tickets, you can use the power of cinema to positively affect the behaviour of your target audience.

The leading provider of cinema tickets to the promotion, incentive, reward and benefit markets

We’re the experts behind many of the highest profile promotions, rewards and incentives using cinema tickets and vouchers of the past twenty years. Our unrivalled experience, knowledge and knowhow of how you can use cinema tickets in your campaign or programme makes the Cinema Society the only place to need to go to enter the world of cinema.

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Reward & Incentivise

Trips to the cinema are not cheap. Giving cinema tickets to your employees is highly motivating and is a proven way of increasing loyalty. Get in touch with us and we’ll show how you can do this in a cost effective manner.

Staff Access to Discounted Tickets

We can give you staff access to heavily discounted tickets through your intranet or employment benefit platform. It’s cheap and will make you very popular! Contact us and we’ll show how you can do this remarkably cheaply.

Member Benefits

Consumers love visits to the cinema. Over 170 million Britons go each year. Contact us and we’ll demonstrate how adding cinema tickets to your platform will bring increased custom and a new revenue stream.

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Discounted and free cinema tickets are the perfect reward and incentive. No one knows more about them than we do.